Wed 31/08-2011 Day 2

The Rio de la Plata rivermouth shoreline

Pos: here
Loc: before Punta Blanca
Acc: tent
Dist: 50km
Start: 7:45 End: 17:30
Had a good long nights sleep, and woke already much better than I felt last night. There is no better medicine than sleep…

I forgot to mention that my bad state last night was probably not only due to sleep deprivation, too much talking and wine, but because of the constant ugly smog impact in Buenos Aires city.I realized that actually again this morning when I started with beautiful sunlight and saw the smog cloud over BA.

Paddling south east the air became gradually better, as the water felt a bit more clean as well. Still paddling on a brown solution which I do not really dare to call water…but at least I saw two fat fish jumping about 10 times each, so they must be happy…or do they just like to escape the brown soup for a while?
As there are lots of fishermen along the coast, even fishing right over a really stinky grey water outlet into the sea, the fish must be edible…or the stomachs of the people strong.

Launching went easy by myself this morning, as the water level in the yacht harbor was much higher than last night. I almost easily slipped even sitting inside the kayak over soft grass into the dirty water, if the boat wouldn’t be so bloody heavy!
Last night exiting the kayaks proved to be much tougher on a steep sloping slippery concrete riverside, Juan Pablo fell even into the yucki water…

I felt great this morning, paddling into the bright sunny morning eventually by myself! No Prefectura escort boat, no paddling friends…not that I didn’t like to paddle with them, but it is a different kind of freedom being by one self only, at the beginning of a great trip!

A light breeze from the back quarter was pushing me along, and probably some tide as well. At leats when I was stopping I still had 1,5 km/h on my GPS – into almost the right direction!
This changed unfortunately behind La Plata, as I went closer to the coast I may have even been in a back eddy or such. Only being eventually *very * close to the coast, so that I could spot possible campsites and people the water became neutral again – actually a full millpond! Easy going…if there wouldn’t be the 100 kg+ boat and my second day paddling after quite a while…
But my body felt great in the muscles and tendons, no problems. The ache on the chest area and ugly coughing which bothered me yesterday gradually disappeared with the water and air becoming better.

I just feel my skin of my hands is worse than on the ocean, as this is still sweet water in the river mouth. Salt water doesn’t soak the skin as much as sweet water. But only one small blister (yet)!

A paparazzi (or just a simple kayaking friend?) was shooting me off with his camera on an ugly stinky grey watwer outlet, where amazingly people were fishing right on top…well spiced fish then!

But I saw lots of seemimgly healthy herons in the trees, so they seem to all live well here.

Rivermouth landing options...

Camp tonight is on a small headland with some dirt road and simple picknick area, but it seems that it is not very often used. Hope I’ll stay undiscovered this night! No car, no motorbike yet – pray it will be all night quiet!
The last night on the yachtclub was rather noisy, and artificial lights were on all night. But it was at least a guarded area…here I only see the lights of about 20 huge freight boats anchoring offshore, waiting to be unloaded in La Plata or BA. Looks like a line of houses out there!

Called my son an mom on the sat phone, all is well. At lunch time, I was able to download emails on my cellphone and found time to read and think about the latest news…all afloat…modern technologie!

Good night!

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Hi Freya! I was the kayaker papparazi! My name is Sebastian and Kayak Punta belong to the group in the city of La Plata. I am very happy for having located! The fishermen were angry with you and they scare away the fish! The water was brown because of are sewers (shit) City Berisso! A kiss and good luck.

Hagen Jensen

Hallo Freya,
alles Gute auf diesem Wahnsinns-Trip, Wir drücken die Daumen auch in Husum und wünschen schönes Wetter, besonders im Bereich des Kap Horn.
Hagen Jensen und Familie aus Rödemis


You’re absolutely right on the B.A.’s air, too dirty for a free spirit like you. Although unlikely, I Hope someday it gets better!
Good luck on your trip, you’ll find that as you go into the south the air gets better (or at least I think so). We’re all following your trip and are really proud of you.

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