Done! Around Iceland 2007

We are done!


33 days, 25 paddling days, 8 weather days, 1620 km, 65 km average…

Those are the numbers which just don’t say much about the experience and impression we’ve got…but I’ll take my time soon to update the rest of the trip and edit and upload some pictures! A slide show will be ready soon and available to present, too.

Just so far, we are sitting dry and warm now at Steini’s house and are recovering a bit…the South Coast was a bit more entertaining! Great adventures and experiences on the edge, but no serious incidents, thanks goodness.

Thanks to Karel Vissel fo the reliable weather messages on the Sat-phone every day!
Thanks to Steini for hosting us and driving us around!
Thanks to all our sponsors, I’ll update soon how their great gear was holding up :-))

We will be in Germany this weekend, and do the office jobs then…

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Great to hear you’ve made it around in such good shape! Good for you both!
I just ran into Hadas and Tomer in St Brides, NL. They’re fogged in, but got around Cape St Mary in good shape. They’re having a great paddle!


Hi Freya and Greg!
Congratulations, well done! Happy you are safe home again.
The numbers may not say much about the experience and impressions you have got -> they do prove the two of you did a great performance, respect!
Looking forward for your report and pictures,

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