Iceland 2007

Well, people might say I’m a spontanious woman…but it is actually a bit less dramatic as Derrick wrote about it on his blog :-))

My decision to go around Iceland was born at the inspirational place of the Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium 2007.


I was twice at that symposium, 2004 as a bloody firtst-time-novice to the international sea kayaking family, back 2007 teaching there as a rolling instructor.


In 2004 I listened to my first kayak circumnavigation lecture ever, held by Shawna and Leon about their Iceland expedition 2003.

Back in 2007, Rotem Ron did another fascinating lecture about her paddling solo around Iceland…so I took it as a sign to go there, too, on my own, NOW, THIS YEAR…


Talking to my partner Greg Stamer on the drive back home, he didn’t take long to decide he won’t be back to his old job when his 1/2 year of leave of absence would be over in July, but rather join me…


So we had two days at home before after Anglesey we had to fly off to Newfoundland, where we were invited to teach on the Kayakers of Newfoundland and Labrador Retreat 2007, with a nice extension after the "work" of a great 8-days paddling trip for ourselves from St. John’s down to Cape St. Mary’s.


This turned out then to be a good trial run for paddling in cold conditions…well, more for "Florida Boy" Greg and our "expedition partnership" than for myself, as I have paddled last year with Wendy Killoran 18 days on the South Coast of Newfoundland from Port aux Basques to Cape St. Mary’s already.


We both felt pretty comfortable paddling and camping together in some tough conditions we had there already, and the decision was bombproof then:



We will be going together around Iceland!



My time frame to be away longer is pretty narrow, and I had to extend it with some charming smiles to my relyable shop managers and employees, and to the greatest daddy on earth who takes care of our son when his restless mommy is away so often…thanks to all of them to let me go! And lots of kisses to my son Helge…



Means we should start as early as possible in June, to be back latest in the beginning of August, when the weather will allow us to be done then…



So, 5 days at home only then for preparations…but before heading to Newfoundland I was already able to do some stuff in those two days (well, besides my "real" work, too…):

Rented from Matthias Cramer (, who did a quick, uncomplicated job.
Thanks, Matthias!

Weather text messages, logistics in Iceland:
Steini from Sea Kayak Iceland agreed on doing that tough and important job every day to the Sat-phone, the fastest and most reliable way to get the weather to your camp. And he’ll pick us up from the airport and provides us with flares, fuel and a kayak (see below).
Thanks, Steini!


By my relyable web-editor Derrick Mayoleth, Kayak Quixotica. We hope to send him text messages via Sat-phone every day.
Thanks, Derrick!

EPIRB: mailordered from Marine and Auto in Florida, who speeded their delivery up that I could recieve a parcel in Newfoundland already just in time.
Thanks, Ethan!


Icelandic paper maps:
I’ve got them mailordered from Geo-Buchhandlung in Kiel.

This was the basic stuff I was feeling I needed to pre-order for that trip, besides everything I got sponsored already:



This will be my loved 3-pieces "S"Explorer by Sea Kayaking UK, which Nigel just recently generously "upgraded" to a brand new one.
Thanks, Nigel!


Greg is also getting an Explorer donated from Nigel Dennis for the expedition.

To make it work in that short preparation time, Steini will give Greg an Explorer of his fleet, and Nigel will replace that one with the next shipment soon.
Thanks again to both for that uncomplicated help!


I’m gonna use, as always on my long trips, my carbon split wing blades, donated by Epic kayaks, which hopefully make me fly around in no time :-))
Thanks to Epic kayaks!

I’m using the large blade, and will carry the medium blade in a spare paddle bag made by Kristin Nelson and Nigel Foster.


Greg is gonna use my other toy, the black carbon split Greenland paddle donated by Superior Paddles. As far as I know there was no major circumnavigation done so far with a Greenland paddle…the Superior carbon stick ist just great to be (ab)used for that!
Thanks to Mark and Celeste Rodgers!

This will be an unique combination, a wing and stick paddling together…you won’t believe it is matching! Well, they are arguing and competing sometimes… :-))


Ocean Tours Exp Reinforced, donated by Richard from Snapdragon.
They snap on with one grip, fit and stay where they should be…the best sprayskirts I ever had.
He sent me two cockpit covers, too, and lots of other spraydecks for my other kayaks…
Thanks, Richard!


Tow-lines, under deck bags, interior mounted cockpit bags, turtle deck bag, paddle bags, beaching bags and paddle leashes:
Generously donated by Morgan Goldie from North Water.
Thanks, Morgan!

Dry Suits, Overcag, PFD, Pogies:
By Kokatat, who supported me with other stuff, too in a generous sponsorship. Please have a look at my equipment website, too.
Thanks to Kokatat!




By Chota Outdoor gear. They keep my feet warm!
Thanks to Chota!
Fleece Base-layers:
By Reed Chillcheater. long pants, long sleeve shirts, Beanie, hoods, everything to keep you warm! Reed is generously supporting me with plenty of other stuff, too (no, I’m NOT taking my Reed dress to Iceland… :-(( ). Please have a look at my equipment website!
Thanks to Chris Reed!

The rest of the gear list I owned already somehow, I might write about some stuff later. Time is short…


We are leaving now!!!
We’ll try to keep this blog updated via Sat-phone text messages, but we’ll NOT be looking for a "proper" internet access in every cove, as we are gone for *paddling* and are out in the bushes… :-)))

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WOW, short notice, big trip! I will be following along through your blog posts. -kqp


Have a nice trip, and thanks to Freya for helping me get my roll in order, and to Greg for teaching me to paddle with a greenland paddle, when we met in Spain for the symposium there 🙂

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