Just a tease from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland…

Wish I would be there now…but I am busy working … Good rememberings of the last day of our Iceland trip! The Blue Lagoon is a pure relaxing oasis. Great for sore kayaking bodies!

Actually, after being back to Germany I had to jump directly deep into my buisiness again, barely editing some pics from the circumnavigation so far. I will need some more time to publish some more pics…but they will be up one day – sorry ! :-))

Ok, back to my work again…no dreaming of the next trip already…

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•≈ Sgian Dubh

I’s an artificial geothermal lake Micheal, about 35/40°C created accidentally by the condense outlet of waste water drawn from the Svartsengi powerstation, often out of shot but providing local geothermal renewable energy & heating. The water is saturated with silica based mud, chalk & decomposing algea, which Freya is happily wearing. To much of it makes you go looking for faeries in the hills 🙂

Bláa Lónið in Icelandic.


What is that stuff? Hot milk? LOL … with yogourt facial cream? Looks like fun!

And Karel, your weather blog looks interesting. Good for you for putting it up!

Wendy Killoran


Did you just start a blog?

Freya, looking smoking hot in the Blue Lagoon! Life is good:-)

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