Non-Progress Report 24.11.07 Saturday + 25.11.07 Sunday by Freya

What to tell…I basically was sitting on the computer all Saturday updating the rest of the last paddling days, and put the new sent by Karitek skegbox in my kayak, plus some minor repairs on the boat.
Sunday morning I got a lift to Invercargill again, and food-shopped for the next 3-4 weeks…I will stuff the last corner with eadible things, who knows how long I’m stuck in Fjordland…no food drops planned. Maybe I have to fish at some point :-))
Stanley Mulvany was so nice to give me a lift back, after we had a nice look around in the local museum. Thanks, Stanley!

The latest weather report seems like I can push on on Tuesday to Colac Bay (50 km) with some 3-4 headwinds, the tide is good late in the afternoon only…and to Port Craig on Wednesday (50 km, too), maybe only force 3 headwinds…
Thursday maybe a day off again, Friday and Saturday the wind changes to s se, and all days the seas from sw are pretty low – what luck!

So if all goes well as forecasted, I’m hopefully around Puysegur Point on Friday or Saturday. And then it’s Fjord hopping with hopefully decent weather and seas!!!
But who can forcast the weather…Karel at least is very close to perfection! Thanks, Karel!

When I look out to Bluff harbour entrance it’s creating a pretty lovely tidal race on the right tide, beautiful waves, a fun playspot if you don’t want to go anywhere :-))
Besides that it’s blowing like hell today, even in the "sheltered" bay here. On the way back from Invercargill we stopped for a look on the other side of the peninsula, and no whitecaps at all, just *white* sea! Good to be in a dry, civilized area…

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We’ll all keep our fingers crossed for a decent weather ‘window’ this coming week. Chris Duff spent a few days in Bluff as you know, and then made his dash to Puysegur. All the best!

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