Progess Report 11/18/07 Sunday – updated by Freya 24.11.07


Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Sunday: mrng nw 4bft noon sw 4 to 5bft aft sw 4bft seas mrng 1.4 aft 2.6mtr from s

Monday: mrng ne 3bft noon e 3bft aft e 3bft seas mrng 4.70 aft 4.30mtr frm sw


Satellite Text Messages received from Freya:
46.26 169.47 Nugget Point 35km against stream and wind next legs are dictated by possible landings I’ll go watch the seals now from above
Update by Freya 24.11.07:
The launch from Crystalls Beach was ok, even with some dumpers…yes, Greg, I soon learnt how to deal with the dumpers :-)) – either stay out like at Fisherman’s Point/ Birdling’s Flat or get wet :-))
That day to Nugget Point was a half day’s paddle again, 35 km only, but for that stretch of coastline it proved to be more wise to get in the approved safe landing spots rather than seeking new, probably less sheltered ones, which might not even exist…
I paddled into the last sandy beach before Nuggets Point, and found the only place to put up a tent, right in front of the penguin sign…but still not too close to the road. And the penguins were not expected to come in at that time of the year on that beach.


After getting settled with the tent and gear I walked up to the Nuggets Point, where 7 years ago I was driving up in a van with my 4-year old boy…this time the masses of tourist vans were just annoying, and I preferred to walk rather that to hitch a ride up and down…how the points of views change! Being in my own van next time again, I’ll look out for lonely travellers without car… :-))
The view from the Nuggets was amazing as last time, and with my binoculars I could watch the marine mammal’s life down there pretty close.
I remembered Paul’s write up about his capsize going through the Nuggets 30 years ago, and tried to find the spot where it has happened.
The swell was pretty low that day, so in the middle of the Nuggets to the left of the rock with the arch there seemed to be a gap big enough to pass safely next day, if conditions would stay the same…a motorboat took the same pass through.
It started to rain a bit, and all (German…) tourists were hurrying back to their vans…my only concern was I stupidly left my fleece underwear outside my tent to dry, so I hurried walking downhill back, too :-)) – and drying the underwear in a tent is only be done by *wearing* it for a while, not really a pleasure. But if you want dry underwear next day…



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I’m enjoying your trip so much Freya that I’ve taken up reading Chris Duff’s book at the same time to get a better idea of what it’s like for you. Two trips in one! Keep enjoying! Stay safe!

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