Progress Report 01/01/08 Tuesday. Home Stretch!

Editor’s note. I received a phone call from Freya, while she was still on the water. Instead of stopping at the point shown on the map, she has instead paddled through the night and was well into her crossing with about 45 kilometers remaining to complete the final leg of her circumnavigation. That makes for a very long "day" of approximately 165km! She was feeling strong and very excited to be so close to her destination. Hopefully her next communication will be that she has completed her epic journey! -Greg

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Tues mrng e 4bft noon ne 3bft aft w 2bft seas 1.20 swell 0.70mtr frm w

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
40.33 173.01 Farwell Spit lighthouse tonight

Wed mrng sw 3to4bft noon w 4bft aft w 5bft seas 1.20 swell 0.60mtr frm nw

ruby bay frcst wed mrng sw 4bft noon nw 3bft aft w 3bft seas 0.30 mtr no swell

8 comments on “Progress Report 01/01/08 Tuesday. Home Stretch!

Mark Tozer

Hey there Freya

Been watching your progress with interest

Looks like you keep going from strength to strength

So why stop with South Island? What about the rest of NZ?

Anyway, hope you doing well and that I might be able to tempt you to be a guest at the next Storm Gathering this October in North Wales

All the best for 2008 and that the adventures it may bring



Congrats to the last leg of your fantastic yourney. Been following you from the start. Your one hell-of-a-girl!
Lots of love:0)

Richard H

Wishing you well in your crossing Freya, I’ve been glued to your site since the day you left Croisilles. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!



Well done on the completion of your journey – I have just seen you on television!

What an inspiration to all kayakers.


Hey Freya, it’s not a ‘boat’, it’s been a whole ‘island’! What an amazing adventure you’ve been on! Enjoy the feeling! You’re nearly done!


Hi Freya,
I am sure you will complete your journey today or tomorrow. I will be away for the next three days so congratulations on your fantastic trip around the South Island.
Great stuff!
Geoff in Tassie

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