Progress Report 01/02/08; Finished!

Freya has completed her journey becoming the first woman to circumnavigate the south island! Please check back soon, for a personal update by Freya.

Freya: On behalf of Karel Vissel and yours truly, congratulations on an impressive achievement!!! We have enjoyed supporting your efforts -Greg

The following message was received from Paul Caffyn:

Goodaye! Freya completed her circumnavigation of the South Island at Okiwi Bay at
3.15pm this afternoon, 2 January 2008.

Her last leg took 32 hours and covered 169 km from Big River to Okiwi Bay.

There was goood media presenc: TV and newspapers.

9 comments on “Progress Report 01/02/08; Finished!


Was für eine Leistung, physisch und mental! Meine Gratulation.
Eine gute Reise nach Hause wünsche ich Dir. Hanns


Well done Freya!!.

Congrats from “Inukshuk” on a great “first” the only thing is….what next??…ha. Again congrats and thanking you for your inspiration.



WOW- In the dictionary under “Super(woman) Effort”, there’s a picture of this woman in black. Doing an unreasonable crossing by Kayak will be known as a “Freya” 169km??? WOW
Cheers Tom Sharp

Richard Hayes

Way to go, Freya!

Congratulations and best wishes from Newfoundland, where a number of folks you’ve met during you time here have been following your journey.
Regards, and take care out there!
Rick and Chris


I raise my glass and shake my head.
169km on the final leg, pure Freya!



Hi Freya!
Congratulations with the successful circumnavigation of the Southern Island. I have just watched the news item on NZ-Television. I enjoyed following your day by day progression. Very impressive!
With the very best wishes,

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