Progress Report 10/30/07 Tuesday – updated by Freya 04.11.07





Satellite message from Freya Tuesday 30.10.07:
42.26 173.41 Kaikoura South Beach 12.5hrs 70km no break dead calm fighting only my aching body with closed eyes paddel, plenty seals & dolphins on a sunny day.


Forecast by Karel Vissel:
Tues mrng nw 4bft noon nw 3bft aft nw 3bft seas 1.60 to 1.20 mtr from se

Update by Freya 04.11.07:
The launching this morning looked like it’s gonna be wet through some dumping stuff…I saw some fishermen down the beach launching their boat just when I started packing…sh…lost chance to ask for help!…but they came in again already when I was just about to start!!! I waved frantically to make them coming closer to help me launching, but off they were…driving away with the fishing boat on the trailer…

I need to get that launching in dumping surf done on my own!!! And don’t forget the skeg help rope…

Actually, I guessed when you try to stay dry you probably will be thrown sideways by the next wave, so I just walked in the water on a lull between the sets pulling my boat behind me, straddled it quickly and paddled out with the open spray deck to a quiet spot – but still caught a wave which filled my cockpit. But pumping this time was assisted by my helmet used as a bailing device – you know on a trip like this any piece of equipment needs to have double function… :-))

The day was a quiet paddle, far offshore, uneventfull besides lots of dolfins and seals again, I probably missed to see way more as I use to paddle on such long days with about 80% closed eyes…a meditational day…but I liked to reach Kaikoura that night, a 70 km day.

Around the Kaikoura Peninsula the reef was full of seals and plenty of tourists parking their vans exaxtly at the place where my little boy and I were sleeping 7 years ago (as tourists…) with open van doors and some seals on the doorstep…good rememberings!

Two snorklers were probably as surprised as I was when they lifted their head out of the water, but I kept on going around the Point to the South Beach. The sun was low and bright, and I unfortunately couldn’t see much.

I felt a bit sorry for the missed chance of great pictures! But I had to land in last light again, not being too picky about the obvious "no camping" area on nature reserve ara on a walkway along the coast…a paved corner with a bench served well for "homeless" Freya :-)) – but although I got up at 6 am next day some jogging guys were already on their way…

Freya made impressive progress today. Following is the text message she sent from her satellite phone.