Progress Report 11/01/07 Thursday – update by Freya 04.11.07

Satellite message recieved by Freya 11/01/07:
43.03 173.05 Motunau Beach 35 km only half day off in civilization for shower & skeg repair. Lovely paddle along white bluffs. Maybe cut across Pegasus Bay tomorrow.

Update by Freya 04.11.07:
(Actually I missed to send out the text message un Thursday as I typed it, but then stored it because I wanted to hear the weather report first about the possible crossing of Pagasus Bay…sorry)

I launched late at 9.15am that day, as I planned to paddle only 35 km to Motunau Beach, the start of my planned crossing of Pegasus Bay. I guessed if I cut across the bay I’ll save 30 km, which I can spend in a 1/2 day off that day…and paddling along the Christchurch corner would be as interesting as open water anyway…

That short paddle went along some amazing white bluffs, lovely to look at!
Coming into Motunau Beach, I paddled up the river im lowest tide, and soon got stuck in shallow water…first time I missed I didn’t pack my trolley! It will be a long drag to the grassy edge…

I walked up the beach to bump ino a gathering of elderly ladies, who seemed to be interested to hear where I came from and who I was…where please would be the best place tp put up a tent???

I knew already the village tent site is way up the road, and who wants to walk…so it happened that one of the ladies, Rosalyn Richard, invided me to "put up tent in her backyard", which turned out to be a lovely room with a hot shower and some nice company…just across the landing site! Thanks, Rosalyn! Lucky I am…and phone calls were made, laundry washed, buisiness as usual as a lonely traveller…

I found my skeg box was eventually fully broken out of the attachment, but two little screws fixed the problem for now…I hope to get the new skeg box sent from Britain asap.
Dragging up the boat is probaly one of the most challenging tasks as a solo traveller, either unloading it completely (which I barely do) or dragging the heavy barge meter my meter up the beach, straddling the boat and pulling on the cockpit rather than just pulling the toggle.

John Kirk Anderson, one of the most experienced New Zealander’s paddlers, happens to be a reporter for the "Christchurch Press" and was keen to meet me around his area to take pictures for an article. As I would miss to paddle into Christchurch the way I planned to go, he decided to drive up early next morning to take pics before I launch at 6 am for the 75 km crossing…what a job! Getting up at 2 am to catch up with a crazy lady…but thanks, John!
Another writing reporter gave me a call and interviewed me for the article.