Progress Report 11/04/05/07 Sunday/ Monday – updated by Freya



The first rest day, dedicated to necessary computer work for my shops, e-mailing and updating my blog…although it was great paddling weather… 🙁

Actually it’s history now, but sometimes I did regret my decision to stop for a day after going around Banks Peninsula, I should have better kept on going…

But Martin and Fiona are great hosts, they helped me with everything I needed to repair a tiny leakage or two in my kayak, washed my stuff, and prepared a famous NZ-delicacy for dinner – "Whitebait" patties, some little tiny glassy slithery fishes eaten whole…actually once they get cooked in an egg omelette and turn white they look like "normal" white fish meat and taste pretty nice. Martin was proud of me overcoming my doubts, as Fiona refused to try :-))


Monday were some rough southerly seas anyway, so I took my chance to see the NZ immigration office to precautionary extend my visitor’s permit, that I don’t have to deal with that issue paddling somewhere in the West Coast bushes…

Martin cooked a great curry, and I bought a Pavlova for desert, which we enjoyed with Strawberries, golden Kiwifruits and some whipped cream. Enough calories for tomorrow’s paddling day!

The next stretch of coastline is said to be the most boring one of NZ, up to Dunedin it’s only flat hinterland with a steep, unattractive shingle beach, shapeless and with no place to hide and land safely…hope the swell won’t be too rough. Some 5-7 paddling days for that leg, and I’ll be in Dunedin, where the coast is going to be attractive again all around the southern and western part!

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Hi Freya

As a fellow sea kayaker,wishing you,and all the crew all the very best.Do this with rememberance of Andrew McAuley,who attempted crossing The Tasman Sea.Take great care.
Kind regards Paul

Greg Stamer

Freya is using an Iridium Satellite Phone (same as the Iceland trip). You can use it for voice, of course, but voice is very expensive and text messages are very inexpensive. She is already carrying a GPS (and a Personal Locator Beacon with a built-in GPS). IMO, it’s not too much trouble to give GPS coordinates manually when sending text updates. The Iridium system is good, but has some quirks.

Adam Bolonsky

Hi Freya,
I’m curious as to what device you’re using to send satellite text messages.

I ask because I’m writing about a new US-made safety device that combines GPS and Google Maps technology, as well as satellites, to allow a paddler to send periodic “I’m okay” messages to select friends via email and text message, all from the cockpit.

The device also tracks the paddler’s latl/lon. position to that land-based friends can see where you are.

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