Progress Report 11/20/07 Tuesday – updated by Freya 24.11.07

Freya has rounded the bend and is Heading West!




Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Tues mrng nw 3bft noon w 2 to3bft aft sw 2 to3bft seas 2.60mtr frm s
Wed mrng w 4bft noon nw 4bft aft nw 4 to5bft seas 2 to 0.90mtr frm s to sw
Satellite Text Message Received from Freya:
46.39 169.06 Purpoise Bay campsite with shower and laundry, not too bad! Lovely day with dolphins and light wind. Would have loved to kept on going!

Update by Freya 24.11.07:
Again dragging of the kayak down to the low water line…and the trick with the covered cockpit and just walking through the shallow, low surf until you could squeeze your butt into the cockpit without catching a wave was just working fine. But don’t even think about the already checked to be loose skeg was coming out on it’s own as supposed then…shaking the whole boat violently whilst sitting wasn’t getting it out either, so I dared to land besides a sheltered reef rock, jumped out again, puleld the skeg loose and could keep on going west.
It was a lovely sunny day, few winds, and the 33 km to Purpoise Bay, the next sheltered approved landing spot, were just astern already at 2 pm.
I was heavily tempted to keep on going, at least another 20 km just before Waipapa Point…
I assumed landing in the shelter of the first reef there would be ok, but it was still a bit of a good swell going…and open beaches are always "interesting" in those conditions…
Going even further into Toetoes Bay, still open beaches, was not my idea of going straight from point to point, and crossing over to Bluff was too long for that day.
So the only reasonable option again was to pull into that sheltered bay, enjoying the rest of the day, and the campsite was actually not too unwelcome for a hot shower and some laundry.
I got a ride with a couple in a sports car to Waikawa, where there was internet at the museum. Just couldn’t ask them NOT to smoke whilest driving…beeeaaahhh!
I had too many e-mails to answer for the short hour of computer time, so updating my blog had to wait until Bluff.
A longer call to Paul about Bluff’s approaching conditions finished the day.

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