Progress Report 11/28/07 Wednesday – updated again by Freya 28.11.07

I woke up pretty "stoned" this morning, my body told me I worked out hard yesterday!
Forecast for today wasn’t too bad, but Thursday wil be a rest day again anyway. An I won’t have made it across Te Waewae Bay today anyway… :-(( I would have needed to land in Colac Bay for that yesterday, and even then I wonder what my body would have told me…it actually told to sleep until 7.30am, and then slowly make my decision…the decision after listening to the forecast was to keep on sleeping and to make the short jump to Colac Bay tonight with ebbing tide, to be in good staring position then for the quiet day on Friday to cross to Port Craig. Actually, the orignal plan was to get around Puysegur Point on Friday…but plans sometimes change…

I was just aslep again after breakfast, the rain was dopping nicely on my tent, as someone was calling my name outside! It were Jacqui and Tim Anderson with their son, scanning the beaches where I might have ended up last night…
They invited me to their house for a shower, internet and lunch, before I keep on going to Colac Bay tonight. How nice! Thanks to Jacqui and Tim!


The short trip this afternoon to Colac Bay was kind of relaxing compared to the previous paddling day, but my shoulder and forearm muscles were still cramped and hurt. So I took it slow and easy in the afternoon sun, knowing there would be Tim already waiting for me to pick me up again to host me another day and nights! They were so nice to offer to me instead of staying in Colac Bay for a whole day off on windy Thursday to pick me up again and I could spend that time with them! Very, very much appreciated! Thanks!
Dinner proved to be a delicious salmon filet with fresh veggies, and some freshly baked brownies for desert. Not too bad for a lonely, exhausted traveller!

Next, new plan is to take the low wind forecast (force 3 west…) Friday to get across Te Waewae Bay to Port Craig (50 km), probably having another day off then on Saturday before I might get to the Green Islets, maybe another day off before I could get around Puysegur…but as experienced, plans do change sometimes…

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Sounds like you’re taking it bay by bay, Freya. Good for you! I’ve got my fingers crossed for fair winds and currents with little swell… Best!


Hi Freya, wow!, I’ve only just caught up with what you are doing. I’m a Christchurch paddler and know JKA. If you happen to be in Christchurch, I’d love to meet you. I was lucky enough to meet Chris Duff after he finished his paddle.
Goodluck with the rest of your trip.


Gary Easterbrook

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