Progress Report 11/29/07 Thursday – updated by Freya 29.11.07

I did another pool teaching session today! Jaqui and Tim Anderson with their son Pete, and Belinda and Stan Mulvany were joining me into the local Riverton Pool. Good I was able to do something useful on that windy, rainy day off!

It looks like there will be decent weather the next three days!! What means decent at this country in this time of the year…means headwinds around 15kn (force 3-4) "only" and swell under 3m with lighter seas on top…it really looks like I’ll make it into Fjordland in these conditions.
But after those three "decent" weather days there will be another three days (minimum…) of roughest headwinds again…but I will be around the corner by then! (hopefully…)
My body feels good and ready to go.