Progress report 12/01/07 Saturday

Weather update from Karel Vissel:

sat mrng nw 3 to 4bft 4bft aft sw 3bft seas 2.20 swell 1.20 frm sw

sun mrng fjordland s 3bft noon w 4bft aft w 4bft seas 3.70 swell 2 mtr frm w

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:

46.13 166.47 Green Islets "Guarantee you a safe harbour, but not always a smooth passage."


15hrs headwind and rough seas for 40km only…nobody said it’s gonna be easy! Green Islets are paradise_with sandflies and sandfleas…

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Just now catching your blog….as a former student all I can do is applaud your grand effort–your’re making it look easy with those huge miles! When you get to Abel Tasman know we’ve paddled the same waters.
Good luck on the second half of the journey and Godspeed!

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