Progress report 12/04/07 Tues; Rounded the Bend!

Freya has passed the half-way point, has rounded the bend, and is heading north! This is a remote area and it might be some time before she finds internet access. Please keep the comments coming! Knowing that someone is rooting for you makes all the difference in the world.
tues mrng NE 3 to4bft noon Ne 4bft aft NE 4bft seas 3.80 swell 2mtr frm w

Weather update from Karel Vissel:

wed mrng Ne 5bft noon NE6 to 7bft aft NE 6 to 7bft seas 3.10 to 4mtr swell 2mtr frm NW

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
45.46 166.31 Luncheon Cove paddled into bit of darkness staying on a yacht with a lovely couple TTYL!

40km 14hrs no suitable pee-stop at all, dangerous playground out there. Pushed myself over the limit. Relaxing weather day off tomorrow. Comfy yacht!

5 comments on “Progress report 12/04/07 Tues; Rounded the Bend!


Kia kaha, Freya! I bet the first thing the yacht offered you was a cup of tea. Welcome to Kiwiland.


It’s not a boat, it’s a qajaq, no wait, it’s a yacht! LOL

Great progress Freya, keep up your spirits!

Tommy Mikkelsen

Hi Freya,
Fantastic effort. I have now followed your journey from the beginning, every day.
Best of luck on the second half.
Tommy, Mariager Kajak Klub, Denmark


Congratulations for reaching half-way mark. Sibbo Kanotklubb in Finland follow your progress daily with admiration. Look forward to meeting you again in due time. Regards Clas Hagelstam, Tom and Tove Sundman


Gratulation und Bewunderung für die halbe Strecke und die besten Wünsche für den Rest! HMSeitz

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