Progress report 12/11/07 Tuesday

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Tues mrng e 6 to7bft noon e 4 to5bft aft e 4to 5 bft seas 3.40 to 3.90 mtr swell 2mtr frm N

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
44.44 167.35 South. Sound rain all day & strong(est) headwinds all day. Seakayaker’s delight :). Urgent drying pitstop in Milford tomorrow.

Wed mrng ne 4bft noon ne 4ft aft ne 4 to5bft seas 3.40 swell 1.60mtr frm nw

2 comments on “Progress report 12/11/07 Tuesday


Watch for floating apples! Chris Duff found two floating along together in perfect shape just before heading into Milford! 😉


Tough conditions for you. If you weren’t used to rain and sandflies before, you will be soon.
It is inspiring to watch your progress.

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