Progress report 12/20/07 Thursday; Surf Trouble

Weather update from Karel Vissel:
Thu mrng ne2 to 3bft noon w 3bft aft sw 3bft seas 3.30 to 2.70 mtr swell 1.60 mtr frm w

Fri mrng e 3bft noon nw 2 to3bft aft w 3bft seas 2mtr swell 1.10 mtr frm w

Satellite Text Messages Received from Freya:
43.02 170.25 Wanganui R F*%K! Lost my stern on launch, repaired. Lost my paddle on landing, gone. F*&K! But I’m ok. Just stupid misjudgement.

Editor’s note: I have been in contact with Breanna of Epic kayaks. She is working intently to get a replacement Epic paddle (205cm midsize wing), to Paul Caffyn, for delivery to Freya. Freya does carry a spare, and is able to continue. However her spare is a larger blade size than what she normally prefers, and a spare is needed for safety.

Update: Freya is using a sectional 3-piece kayak. The clips holding the stern section were damaged, and Freya is worried that they might fail, but they are still holding as of this writing. Nigel Dennis has ordered new clips but they will take some time to arrive -Greg

4 comments on “Progress report 12/20/07 Thursday; Surf Trouble

Wendy Killoran

Freya, I know what you are made of! U go girl!

Partners, are always replaceable, eh, Rene! And having met Wendy, you know that losing an uncommitted “partner” is no deterrent either:-)


Gear and boats can always be fixed/replaced. Glad to hear you’re unhurt and ready to keep going. Good for you!


Yes but gear is replaceable …

You probably wouldn’t have started your trip at all if you had seen the West Coast surf from land beforehand!

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