x-mas update by Freya

An early Kiwi Christmas gift! Paul Caffyn hands Freya a beer upon her landing at Greymouth. Photo by Murry Cave.

I wish you all a Merry x-mas and Happy Holidays!
Thanks for all the lovely comments and best wishes on my blog, it feels good to know a lot of friends all over the world are following up my trip.
Last time I did a longer blog update was in Riverton on the South Coast, so many days and exciting adventures have passed since then that I feel now a bit overwhelmed in these two x-mas weather rest days at Paul’s to catch up with all the writing.

But my trip diary is full of notes, and I am thinking of putting my experiences together in a little booklet. Pictures need to be edited and selected for a slideshow and website, too.

But all that takes time and different to my trip I don’t really enjoy rushing writing and posting, maybe because it’s in English and proves actually to be the hardest part for me of a trip like that :-)). But the rewarding comments make it well worth sharing the experience in the best possible way.

But if I really decide to go for the booklet written at home then, this won’t take too long then, as memories need to be fresh on writing.

I’ll do my best to complete my trip asap, and hope to keep my kayak and myself in ONE piece on launching and landing :-), and hope to have no more losses of precious loved gear!

Thanks to Karel Vissel for the daily precise weather updates, to Greg Stamer about updating my blog, to Paul Caffyn for mental and practical support, to my family about being patient with my absence and home managing, to my shop managers and workers to keep things going while I’m away, and to all the lovely people hosting and wishing me well along the way!

Merry x-mas!

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Hi Freya all the best to you and family.

If you plan to write a book i will be there to buy it immediately! Keep us informed 😉



Richard Hayes

Greetings and the best of Christmas wishes from Newfoundland, where it’s a tad chillier than it looks in the pix on your blog!

Chris and I will think of you tomorrow evening, as we decorate our Christmas tree with our daughters and a few friends before sitting down to a good feed of fish and brewis and salmon. Take care, keep safe and enjoy the rest of your incredible adventure. And definitely, put us down for a booklet!!!
Rick and Chris


Frohe Weihnacht und gute Tage zur Erholung. Es war eine Erleichterung, Dich in Deinem Boot zu sehen!
Kraft für den “klerinen” Rest der Reise. Hanns


And a great Christmas to you, your family back home and all your NZ friends me me in Canada, Freya! Keep up your wonderful spirit!

Tommy Mikkelsen

Merry Christmas,

Enjoy your rest days. If you decide to write a booklet, I will for sure pick it up.

Best Wishes

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