epic paddles, the black version, and the lightest one…

I’ve got some new epic paddles!mid size wing with a med flex shaft to try, thanks for that!large epic shovel with the stiff blue shaft… 🙂 at least for modelling!
And probably on serious long distance racing.
And, to get anybody else who would like to try, started in the "wing feeling"…

The new series of epic wing blades are made now in China, with a better Carbon structure, and (just to match me better… 🙂 ) an all BLACK shaft (sigle line for med flex, double line for a stiff shaft)!

They sent me a

I’m not sure if the smaller blade, but with the matching color tops my loved old



But then, the other blade they sent me to try:

If since then I was really convinced that there is no better blade for me than a wing in all conditions, I started to play around with this "nothing" in my hands – 20 ounces, 567 gr !!

Best on the market, and it made me think to swap at least sometimes to this cute lightweight thing, where precise maneuvers might be required, or in surf to have a better rudder feeling.

And – important to me – the shaft feels the same as I’m used to…

Active Tour Full Carbon Length-Lock™

only 20 ounces – 567 gr