Sun 20/04-2014 Day 661

`Nessie`from Loch Ness in Scotland says ´hi´...just that the lake inside Sao Luis is rather a `Loch Mess`...a really stinky soup...


Teaching Jadiel some rolling…
Pos: here
Loc: Sao Luis
Acc: Sandra´s apartment

Jadiel took the family and me out for breakfast this Easter morning, a large buffet was pleasing everyone`s heart and stomach. Then high speed food shopping, at least once you know the offerings in a new country (from the first big food shopping in Belem) you just have to look for the products you liked last time. Though even those are getting boring quickly…I barely eat ¨trip food¨when I am off paddling to have at least some change. Sandra with her mom in the kitchen fed me well here, I probably even gained some kilos. Muito obrigado!

It was Jadiel´s urgent wish to get some private rolling instructions from me, and on the last day off, my sores all more or less dry and healed, I overcame my fear of salt water on rest days and jumped in the sea with him on low tide and taught the basics of rolling a kayak  in his ¨Arctic¨kayak made by Christian Fuchs. He got pretty far, enjoy your next practise sessions with Lucas, the sensitive dancer, Jadiel! 🙂

One of the best living areas in Sao Luis - high apartment buildings, sports fields, pool, garages and porter included.


I packed my last bits of food, tomorrow I will be back on the water! Three to four weeks to Fortaleza, with a rest break in Jericoacuara.

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In three weeks you will be turning 50! It is a time of transition for all women. You of course are in great shape however it is good to spend some moments recollecting ones life, your highlights and your struggles. Then of course reflect on the precious human birth you have been given.
Hope you skin heals well.
Travel safe.

Randall Lackey

Wishing you well and hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday.Be safe and may tommorow bring fair skies and low winds carrying you to lovely beach campsites,or whatever type you may need at the time.Safe Paddling.

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