VSKC Party


A lot of members of the Victorian Sea Kayaking Club are are supporting me and my trip!



That day went quick – quite some work to make the “pristine black and white beauty” look a bit colorful – you can like it or not – it’s BIG! 🙂 – I love her!

Food shopping got done, and I started packing stuff in ziplocks and will do a test-packing tomorrow.


About 16 people showed up tonight at Anne and Les Bognar’s house to give me a nice farewell party – thanks for coming!

Anne and Les made a delicious buffet right besides my kayak, and talks went for sure all around the upcoming trip, equipment, media contacts and such. Good talks! Thanks!

Besides Peter Treby and David Golightly doing the logistic work for that year, Peter Costello, current VSKC club president, proved himself to be a media contact professional! He will do his best to contact press, radio and TV for the start and along the way. Good to have him on board as well!


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White is actually the most visible colour for a boat on the ocean, suprising I know, but it is.

Best of luck.

bob baker

Well Freya I was a little suprised to see a white boat ,but it is a pretty nice one even though it isnt black ,and am sure you will just look very fine in it,, good luck on the trip and God be with you ,, will look forwar to reading all the posts to come

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