Underground specs

Folks!I’ve got Aled to measure our baby:

4,97 m or 16’4” long,
49 cm or 19,25” wide,
25 cm or 9,7” front deck height,
12,5 cm or 5” back deck height.
No weight yet.

So, if you consider this still a “high” front deck…whoever is that flexible to stick his head undeneath the front bungees and is able to fw/ fw handroll it, can tell me, he wants a lower front deck. :-))

Anyway, as it is a fibreglass kayak, similar to a stitch and glue there is wayyyyyy more room inside for heavy guys or “female” thights as there are no ribs and masik. For rolling I would use a foam masik.

Even heavy guys up to 90 kgs will *fit* in it, and with the slightly higher volume as my Qaanaaq SS they won’t paddle as much a submarine then :-)It’s probably a kayak for day trips and considered only for max 80 kgs-persons, and for rolling fun. Just light persons would be able to fully load it and still paddle it nicely. But there is still the idea of making another slightly bigger size…

Well, and for those who are into numbers and want to compare: My Qaanaaq SS is4,80 m long, 48 cm wide, 24,5 cm front deck height, 13 cm back deck height.

So to compare by numbers and what Aled has told me(who is probably the only one who has really “paddled” both so far): The longer hull makes it appearing even more slim and sleek and probably faster, the hull edges are sharper and easier to edge, with a touch of the typical Rockpool hull stern (which still makes a skeg a useful item…), and with a bit less rocker. It should be more stable and better to paddle in side wind (with the skeg anyway).

The Qaanaaq SS is weathercocking like hell and a good balance act in rough waves, which I usually reply with a spare GP stuck under the front bungees, used as an outrigger rudder. But even for installing that you won’t take a hand off the paddle in rough conditions :-))

So for sure he had a close look at my Qaanaaq SS designing the Underground. And I appreciate he took the best and left the rest. Out came a fibreglass Greenland kayak which is a real fun toy for paddling, rolling and day trips.

It has only one disadvantage 🙂 : To maintain the Greenland style look, you are asked to order deck and hull in the same color…or have you ever seen a Greenlander painting his hull different than the deck??
The deck outfit will be Greenland-style, too. So small bow and stern loops for the paddle tip, two bungees (no, not five…) across the front deck and aft deck. That’s all.


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Hi Freya–Thanks for the information I assume that you might have the one Aled is usinsg in the photos at Caneocopia. That is, unless they can make you another prototype rapidly. It apears that the foredeck is not at all too high from the numbers, and just like you said, this looks to be a very nice day boat size, roller, fun play boat, and very stylish. Looking forward to your respected comments and photographs when you get to test it. Ciao, CD1. cooldoctor1@yahoo.com


Best of luck Freya, with this new boat. Like you, I really believe there is a good market for a boat like this, especially with the surge in interest in Greenland style paddling around the world. The fact that it’s being made by a well known, quality oriented company and will be widely available will be a big asset as well. I look forward to trying one.

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