Fri 29/03-2013 Day 437


One of the many solid ship doors on the 'Cartagena de Indias' - made in Germany!


Pos: here
Loc: before Carpurgana
Acc: Navy supply ship “Cartagena de Indias”

Not much more happened today – I kept on working online, worked on my kayak and gear, and watched my skin healing well. I am slowly getting used to the maze in this big ship – opening solidly screwed shut metal doors all the time. Unfortunately air condition is not everywhere, and internet only on deck.

I actually also had taken not only a picture of my ugly ankles, but also of the rash of my upper body – but my partner Peter didn’t allow me to post it :-)) – as he was only worried about my blog readers again! One comment was written while I posted some pictures during my Australian circumnavigation: “Now my wife doesn’t allow me to read your blog any more!”

But the rash on the upper body is mostly only a temorary, one day heat rash. The lower legs were more serious with the scratched bites, but all is drying well now. My skin can take a bit!

My bed on the bottom right in the shared cabin with the two girls on the 'Cartagena de Indias'


I was twice amazed when I had a shower with really a lot of soap – after drying and scrubbing myself with a clean white terry towel I got here from the ship, the towel was brown – must be the skin particels from the deep tan on my legs (paddling with open spray deck) and my fore arms…I may need already some exfoliating cloth under the shower!

The sea is still high and it’s very windy out there. But fortunately I am getting used to the ship’s movements a bit and did not get seasick today. Tomorrow’s forecast is marginal – mornings low wind, afternoon strong again, seas only a slight bit down. I decided I’d wear myself out on crossing the Gulf already tomorrow (50 km), and may need another rest day then.

Relaxing on deck


From Sunday on, as long as the week’s forecast goes, the wind is low all day, and the seas are going down by the day. The wind direction is even a bit westerly, so it may even help! – for now. If I check the forcast around Caracas today – strongest wind out of due east…yahoo!

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Deine Beine sehen echt schlimm aus, aber zum Glück geht es Dir langsam besser.
Ich hatte wirklich gedacht, dass die Karibik ein Paradies sei. Aber man sieht mal wieder, dass alles Vor und Nachteile hat 🙂
Klasse, dass die Kolumbianer so gut auf Dich aufpassen und Dir Unterschlupf bieten. So kann Dein Körper zur Ruhe kommen und sich erholen.
Hier bei uns ist es noch kalt. Der Frühling lässt auf sich warten und unsere Ungeduld wächst. Wir wollen doch so gerne paddeln, aber in dieser Kälte habe ich einfach keine Lust. Na, aber es wird schon.
Freya weiterhin alles Gute, pass auf Dich auf und frohe Ostern wünschen wir Dir aus DK

Randall Lackey

Rest well. Glad to gear your’e in a comfortable setting for a bit and healing some.Good to know the navy is back to taking good care of you.


Glad your skin is healing! If you have a tub you could fill the tub with purified water and add salt. Soak in it to draw out the poisons.
You must have been getting the strong winds we have had here in Florida this week. Wind can be unrelenting.
Look up Rossby winds. Interesting analysis of the winds and currents of the planet.
Rob and I finally got on the water for a paddle this morning felt good.
Enjoy your days off, it is good for the mind and body. Then you will feel rejuvenated.
In appreciation, Karen

Scott Evans

The ice is off of our main lake now with only the coves thicker layers. It’s hard to imagine someplace now that is too hot with bugs. It got up to 60F today for the first time. I hope your weather calms and you continue to heal.

Frances Price

Wise decision, Freya; no sense in fighting wind, when waiting only a day or two will give you several days’ low-wind paddling.

Glad to read that your skin is healing. We sitting here in our armchairs often don’t realize that you face more obstacles than high wind and waves; you battle against sunburn, heat, biting insects, noisy sleepless nights, and much more!

I have another friend watching for your daily blog now!

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