One more day off!

A dayhatch full of vitamins

Pedro drove us early to the Yacht Club, but what I was sensing already looking at the wind and swell forecast yesterday came true by looking just at the harbour entrance – it looked not inviting. We were also lacking sleep (as usual being hosted in a private house…) and tomorrow is a much better forecast!

So we decided to stay in the area of the Yacht Club for one night and to camp on the lawn there right besides the pool. Thanks to the Yacht Club letting us stay there! It will be more relaxing than to drive back those 30 km to the airbase, though Pedro wouldn’t have minded!

We will very likely start tomorrow.

2 comments on “One more day off!

Christie Northrop

I checked out “Fearless” at the library and I have been following your blog for the last two weeks. Your trip makes for interesting discussions at parties. I flew a Cessna 180 from Alaska to Cape Horn with my husband 35 years ago so I know the terrain you are paddling through. We would land on dirt roads in Patagonia just to see the penguins. Like you I was surprised to see them living in the desert in dirt holes. Keep up the good work! Christie

Randall Lackey

When the weather says no,Listen! Its probaly best for you two to spend the night back on the ground in your tent,getting a good nights rest and not getting too used to the comforts of sleeping on beds.Its back to your real world of camping out each night after today.Enjoy your one more day off. Safe Paddling tommorow.

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