Sun 23/09-2012 Day 277

The most arrogant seal look on earth...

Pos: here
Loc: Caleta Cifuncho
Acc: tent
Dist: 50,4 km
Start: 7:35 End: 18:15

Estimated landing: Taltal
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

We were well rested, and looking forward to a beautiful, calm paddling day! Launching was easy out of our narrow bay, as the sea went down again, and the tide was a bit higher than on landing. Most ugly rocks wre covered with water.

...before he rather decides to be gone.

A school of dolphins greeted us just at having breakfast after about an hour, so the good omen for the day was set!
The sun came out, the water was calm, we could go close to the coast – paddling can be so beautiful! Despite the landscape could also be as well on the moon…this desert offers a lot, but no green. Sand, gravel rocks, sometimes solid granite on the headlands, who were often occupied with seals. Especially Punto Ballenita was really beautiful in this regard!

Caleta Cifuncho, our landing spot, was as beautiful sandy as it can be. The houses look like was supposed to be a nice summer place, but also had a few fishing boats around. Just wish it would be already summer! But we paddled already mostly in shirts only today, as the wind was almost not there. Freedom!

Sure there was already a Navy car waiting in the Caleta Cifuncho…but they were parked right “in town”, and we took the a beach spot away from the houses. Soon the drove by, but a bit higher up on the road, probably pulled out their binoculars and were watching us for a while making camp. Big Brother is always watching you! When the tent was up and we were about to change out of our wet clothing, they drove off at some point in high speed…maybe the outlook of the now to come strip show was chasing them away? Not sure what would have happened if I’d really started to change now in public…would they feel like being caught in the act with their binoculars? Or would next time be there five Navy cars or more??? I may give it a try… 🙂

Thanks anyway to leave us at least half in peace…yes, all you want to ask is on my website every night!

We have to go to Taltal tomorrow to fill up fresh water. then it’s about another five days to Antofagasta and time again for a bigger pit stop!

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randall lackey

I would bet after the Navy hounds caught the site of you changing outside of your tent that the 5 carloads of men would arrive the following day to see the show.Glad to hear you two had a nice paddling day.Be safe.

Richard Mason

Sounds as though you had a beautiful day.
Your description of the coast paints a picture of grandeur that inspires the imagination.
Have you noticed – +5,000 people like Freya Hoffmeister on facebook.
Summer days are coming — thank you for your posts.

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