Progress Report 10/31/07 Wednesday – updated by Freya 04.11.07

Satellite text message received from Freya:
2.50 173.19 Gore Bay 60km 10.5h a bit boring in quiet wind and water…1st campfire tonight, listening to easy surf, it’s a lovely night!

Update by Freya 04.11.07:
Another uneventfull paddling day, again way offshore crossing over from the Kaikoura Peninsula.
I came in closer to the shore at the point where the main road ( and the noisy trains…) left the shoreline, enjoying a bit more the view of a now remote coastline again. It was a tough paddling day for me, I took lots of breaks, but could count 60 km at the end of the day anyway.
I came almost into Gore Bay, but decided to stay off the little village, and landed at 7 pm on a gravel bar before, just surrounded but sheep and cows. It was a lovely night! I put up my first campfire with the plenty of convenient driftwood around, and just enjoyed being on my own actually! The surf didn’t look to threatening.
When landing on lower tide you have to pull the kayak more up, but the waterline doesn’t reach the steep gravel bar and stays on more shallower sandy areas where landing doesn’t hurt the boat or me at least…

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Quiet days can be good, healing the sores days! Fun to read you’re back to your Newfoundland campfire days! Enjoy!

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